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Mays Landing Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is designed to stabilize soil and rock as well as to stop soil erosion your Mays Landing landscape. Frequently used to elevate certain areas of a commercial or residential property, retaining walls also create additional functional space. A Lester Bailey & Associates Inc. installed retaining wall serves many practical purposes:

Why install a retaining wall?

  • slope management
  • drainage control
  • creating a plateau or new level for your landscape
  • providing extra surface space

Professional Guidance and Expertise

Lester Bailey & Associates Inc. provides professional guidance for choosing the type of retaining wall that is most suitable for commercial or residential properties in Mays Landing. Our experienced concrete and masonry team designs and constructs visually appealing and functional walls that protect your property, improve functioning and enhance its appearance. Updating an older retaining wall with today’s new technology will increase its drainage capability and increase the value of your home or business.

Natural Stone and Poured Concrete

Lester Bailey & Associates Inc. offers the specialized skills and knowledge to ensure that your retaining wall installation is completed according to the highest standards. Our licensed and insured specialists use only the finest materials for construction in either natural stone or poured concrete. Benefit from a free consultation to decide the best location for a retaining wall on your Mays Landing property and learn more about the many benefits that include.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of textures and finishes
  • A range of design styles that include curves and flows
  • Enhances the visual appeal of any property
  • Easy installation
  • Protect the overall function of your landscape

Lester Bailey & Associates Inc. installations are carried out using the most exceptional products and experienced craftsmen. Call (609) 909-0233 for a free estimate and to learn more.